Marketing (Short) LIVE


Flowers for Freaks is a band whose key demographic is 16 – 30, however, due to the music being heavily inspired by 60s music, people who are fans of or lived through the 60s would also be key.


My long term aims for this project, would be to use these concepts for Flowers for Freaks after university has ended.


1-2 times a week.


Live Performances

Song: Godiva Surviva

This is a full band performance played in front of the class. Though I had been thinking about potentially doing a different performance for the LIVE show, I believe having my band Flowers for Freaks play will be the most interesting and fun performance I can give. Though changes will be made to the positioning of the band this musically is the closest to what I’ll be doing for the real thing. This of course is without projections yet.

Song: Godiva Surviva

Song: Generous Queen

These two performance were not with the full band. One with acoustic guitar and bass and one with just acoustic guitar. A more minimalist version of our songs, though this video is pretty short as memory was low. Something I was playing with was the idea that maybe I might not do a full band performance but in turn I have decided to go full band

Song: Generous Queen

This is a full band performance of a slower song with a very atmospheric feel which something I want to portray on my LIVE show. It has the perfect vibe for it. The harmonies really fill it in.

Stage Plan / Tech Rider

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 17.20.23.png

Technical Rider


Drums – If the performance is on the stage, the kit will be mic’d up, however if the performance were in the centre of the room (as seen in stage plan 2) the drums would not be mic’d up


Bass – If the performance is on the stage, the bass will be put through an amp and then the amp will be DI’d to the PA, however if the performance were in the centre of the room, the bass would only be put through the amp


Electric Guitar – If the performance is on the stage, the guitar will be put through an amp and then the amp will be DI’d to the PA, however if the performance were in the centre of the room, the guitar would only be put through the amp


Acoustic Guitar – If the performance is on the stage, the guitar will be put through an amp and then the amp will be DI’d to the PA, however if the performance were in the centre of the room, the guitar would only be put through the amp


Vocals – – If the performance is on the stage, the vocals will be put through the PA, however if the performance were in the centre of the room, the vocals would be put through an amp/speaker in the centre


The reason for the stage plan 2 (performance in the centre of the room) would be so that people could move around the band and the amps would be facing different directions so that people could stand in different parts of the room and hear each instrument more prominently dependant on where they were standing.

Research for Major Project LIVE


Oil Projections –

One idea I have is to create oil projections for the performance which would give a very psychedelic show, these are the things I would need to make this happen:

  • Overhead projector
  • Masking tape
  • 2 5”– 6” convex glass clock faces
  • Small mixing cups
  • Metal or wood stirrers
  • Clear mineral oil
  • Water
  • Nontoxic candy dye (various colors)
  • Food coloring (various colors)
  • 2 eye droppers
  • Colored cellophane (various colors)
  • Projection surface/screen


For the lighting, it’d be great to have a lot of yellow lighting, to create a summer vibe inside of the venue. For this all you would need is a few stage lights and yellow filters:



 For this show I would like the audience to have a psychedelic 60s experience, so potentially having things to hang out to people at the show to feel like they’re almost at a festival back in the 60s/70s:

Screen Shot 2017-12-12 at 16.05.53.png


Philip Auslander // Mediatisation and Live Performances

When it comes mediatisation and it’s impact on live performance, it can almost be quite harrowing to think about. There are always things we as performers must stay up to date with. It’s down to us as live performers to stay culturally aware of what is going on, if something tragic happens in the media whether important or not, it will impact how people feel and with live performance if you are not aware of the media it could impact on the way the audience receive the performance. For an extreme example, if there is a tragedy in the world, sometimes TV shows that may have unknowingly filmed a scene related to that tragedy and will not release that episode or change the cut so that the episode doesn’t offend people. A less extreme example would be that often, when things become popular they start to be shown in most forms of media and if you want to get more people interested in your live performances if it’s possible, you can try to incorporate whatever the latest trend is. This is also dependant on who your audience are and where you’re performing as performances may not go down well if your audience don’t like what your doing or the message you’re spreading.

Mediatisation can also have a great impact on live performances because now, most large live performances are filmed professionally so people can check out live performances online which can sway their mind to come and watch it live one day. You can watch almost every bands live music on YouTube and often if the band play a great performance it can inspire people to see this in action and invite their friends and family to come too, creating better revenue for the next live performance. TV broadcasts some of the bigger festivals so people can stay up to date with all of the bands and because of this, thousands more people can see these live performances which means the next time there is an event, the people who watched the festival on TV may want to go and have the full experience.

It’s not uncommon that films make an adaptation of a theatre production (Woman in Black) and that can really do great promotion for that theatre production and if thats the case then it means that the live production of it will be played in more theatres because at that time, it’s very popular. It also works visa versa. Sometimes if a film has the right set up and layout, they can be turned into theatre productions, for an example, the film Once was about a musician and a love interest, which is perfect for theatre as the film already has songs written for it which they can perform live.
Songs are also often in media, as background music or for certain scenes. People may hear the music and decide to take an interest in the band who’s song it is and want to watch a live performance.

Major Project – Production Proposal

Flowers for Freaks


For Major Project Production I will be recording an EP and putting the EP onto vinyl. This will include an artist sleeve cover, a poster/piece and potentially a download code.



I have a band called Flowers for Freaks and we have original songs that have been written and we would like to have recorded. The idea was to have a 4 track EP 2 songs on each side. This would give us some material to sell at gigs along with our t-shirts. On the front of the vinyl the artwork will be made to represent the bands image (60s/70s), psychedelic art and that’s also along with the poster inside too. This would give the vinyl as a product the whole package, with vinyl often the artwork on and inside were/are unique selling points because then the whole product is a piece of art.



I have researched into the way music was recorded in the 60s, as I would like to replicate that in many ways while still having a fresh sound. They recorded live back then and I would like Flowers for Freaks to do the same. We’ve recently been recording at a studio with the vibes of a live recording but not complete. Recording all the instruments together but then planning to go over the vocals and acoustic guitar separately but also still live and recorded at the same time (lead vox, backing vox and acoustic guitar).



As for the audience, with the sort of music that Flowers for Freaks makes, it has the ability to connect with a lot of different age ranges. Though predominantly I would say younger audiences as we are young ourselves and we have an indie take on things which is popular with the youth of today. Anywhere between 16-26 would be where I assume our key demographic would lie.

Who is involved?

I am planning to get a lot of my close friends involved and outsource certain jobs to them; this includes artwork for the cover and also the poster, photographer for some photos potentially on the back or the inner sleeve and the mixing and mastering for the tracks too. The band will also be involved in the recording and any adjustments to songs for recording.


What will be needed?

To create this, we will need to record, mix and master four tracks, then I will need to get some ideas down on what the art should be with the people involved in making it along with the band. I will need to get in contact with companies/people who create vinyl and figure out a realistic amount to make along with pricing.


Analysing Performances

Foxygen – On Lankershim/Upon A Hill/Trauma

The performance and staging looks aesthetically pleasing, the lighting works with the music, moving faster and slower dependant on the pace of the song. Besides light and stage presence and lighting, not much is going on throughout the performance but interestingly Sam France picks up and plays an accosting guitar that isn’t mic’d up so it is inaudible to the audience so this may be done for an aesthetic but could also be used to help Sam France go through the song. Vocally the singer does not really attempt to sing as much as shout occasionally which works at times but at other times doesn’t and maybe the shouting could have been used sparingly to add emphasis on the parts he did shout

The genre isn’t too current, it has some current elements but it’s got an old theatrical vibe to it. However, lyrically it is current with songs like trauma being written for what was going on in america and how crazy things felt when trump was running for president.

This genre is relevant to me because I really enjoy the dramatic melodies and the instrumentation used gives me a feeling of a disney film.


Donovan – Cosmic Wheels/Maria Magenta

The performance was simplistic, Donovan is sat on a rug with two guitars and funky trousers. The audience is circled around him. It seems very intimate. It’s a great way to make the audience feel involved. I struggle to find faults in this performance, I think it does exactly what it sets out to do. Having some interesting art/wall hangings going on in the background.
If you are not into folk music or prefer to have a crazy performance then I think someone might struggle to enjoy this. It doesn’t really reach the largest of audiences unless you can appreciate it for what it is.
This is not a current genre, it only relates to a few years back when Ed Sheeran brought back the singer/songwriter genre back to chart music. However, that seems to have dwindled again.
I think this style of music always has the potential to bring in new audiences as it’s a classic. Guitar and vocals.


The Ace Of Cups – Simplicity

Again a simple live performance and though the coloured effects are added in after and not in the live performance, it’s a similar sort of lighting/colour pallet I’d love to use for my live performance. To me, possibly one of the coolest live performances from one of the coolest bands. It could have done with more done pre edit lighting and colour wise, would have felt a lot more real.
This kind of music is beautiful and though it is outdated, this band were one of the first all female rock bands and I think that’d be something a lot of people would be interested in. Though of course it’s a lot more common now for all female bands, they approach the music a lot differently now.


All of these performances include things I’m thinking about for my performance, mainly in aesthetics but the Donovan performance does make me want to simplify it for a ‘less is more’ sort of angle. Obviously not just me playing guitar and singing and thats it. But to have a more intimate performance, bright lights and colours moving around the whole room and potentially an oil projector of some kind, so it’s like a very chilled intimate acid session that everyone is involved in.