DISSERTATION // San Francisco Sound


History of bands

50s – coming out of war and hoping to rebuild

60s – escapism, change of times

politics + protest – kennedy, johnson and nixon

social/cultural late 60s – 70s

psychedelia, what is it?

current reworking (why) possibly to create escapism or to hold onto liberal


Pierre Bourdieu

You say you want a revolution? – Victoria Broackes

33 Revolutions per minute – dorian lynskey

Turn on, Tune in, Drop out – Timothy Leary

Project Development //

Event name:  “CSM Presents:”

Tagline: “A multi genre showcase celebrating a diverse range of sonic artists” (subject to change)

Contact name: Jack Hughes
Contact number: 07425588025
Contact email: tetrahex95@gmail.com
Personal FB link: https://www.facebook.com/jack.hughes.547727
Door times: 5.30 – 11 (soundcheck 5.30 – 6.30, doors open at 7)
Door price: £3
Link to FB event: (waiting on graphic designer, will be given by 22/03/17 at latest)

Link to online tickets: n/a
Link to poster: (waiting on graphic designer, will be given by 22/03/17 at latest)
Live or club: live w/ electronic acts
Deposit: n/a
Fee to be paid on night: (full amount w/ invoice to be payed in advance)
Additional equipment needed:

Info for management:
info for Sound techs:
Info for events: n/a
Info for bar: n/a
Extra info:

Project Development and Applied Research //

Live Promotion

– Picking Venues dependent on location, aesthetic, etc

– Booking agents book live events for the bands

– Create contracts, outlining the terms of agreement, including fees owed to the promoter, date and time of sound checks, the length of the band’s performance and any other demands

– Publicise the event (marketing, listings, posters, flyers and adverts)

– Decor 

Independent Research Task 
In Cardiff – find out the name of 5 relevant promoters or promotion companies
What genres do they cover?             Do they book national acts? International? Local?
How many venues do they use?                How often do they promote?
What is their marketing style like?           Do you like their aesthetic?  

Shape Records
– Alternative, Indie, Psychedelic, etc             – They book international, national and local bands
– Clwb Ifor Bach, Chapter, Dempseys, Buffalo, etc              – Not very often
– Quirky, retro, psychedelic                              – Yes


Networking In Music – Promotion and Marketing

Importance of Public Awareness

The Kooks are not better than Nick Drake musically but they were better at promotion and marketing making them sell a whole lot more.

Press Officer/Employing One
– They represent you to the press
– Make sure they’re in the Music Week Directory
– Check their roster (if your music has connections then they’ll be right for you)
– Make sure your vision of your music matches theirs
– Meet them as well before you do it

With a decent budget for a two month freelance the press officer will work on an agreed comprehensive and strategic approach, aiming for consistent exposure on an on-going basis. At the beginning of the PR and marketing campaign, it is crucial we undertake a full team meeting in order to discuss unique selling points, agree a unified brand identity…

Preliminary PR:
– An impacting and engaging press release – we pride ourselves on our press releases and a;ways aim to rouse as much enthusiasm as possible without overloading them with too much ‘waffle
– Interviews – targeting existing and early supports of the band
– ‘Ones to Watch’ spots
– Focus on indie publications and all the wider indie leaning ‘pop’ publications
– Live gigs – contacting reviewers and pushing for live reviews/interviews

– Physical copies sent to our database of specific sing reviewers (apron 50) 6-8 weeks prior to release
– Digital copies send to our database of singles reviewers
– Pitching for ‘Tracks of the day’ – e.g. Q, Record of the day, clash, guardian new band of the day…

–  Album sent to online press websites (approx 100-150) 8-12 weeks prior to release
– Offer exclusive album stream to an existing online supporter


leading independent campaign management company. Based in the UK.
What they do?
– Pick the right team to work on the campaign within agreed budget
– Product manage and oversee the manufacturing process

– Schedule local release and radio dates
– liase with local sales teams

matt@band2market.com (matt dixon)

Further Reading…
Edwards, Dickinson & Brooks Running a Band as a Business.
Davis & Laing Guerilla Guide to the Music Business

Production Techniques – Advert Timeline


Mechanical Sounds throughout with movement
0.00 – 0.04 (Slightly sweeping shot, character is standing still, potentially wind sounds? Air
0.05 – 0.09 (Starts running, one foot onto the ledge and then jumps off building, falling and sticks the landing)
0.10 – 0.16 (goes into a roll, hand touches gravel pushing off from the roll, running, vaults over the ledge using hands to push himself, lands and carries on running)
0.17 -0.22 (Climbs up wall scrappily, jumps off and lands, holds himself in a crouched position and takes a breath)
0.23 – 0.30 (running in first person, vaults over metal bar, lands, runs, third person running, leaps off building, lands into a roll, runs
0.31 – 0.34 (step into frame, two foot wall jumps, third wall jump pushes off with hands and jumps down landing on a metal pipe
0.35 – 040 (Falls back for a while, catches himself on a metal pipe, swings off the pipe, one handed swing off another and lands on a platform above)
0.41 – 0.45 (Running to the edge, jumps off, slow motion, fades to white, logo